UV-C Air Purifier

Using UV-C technology, the purifiers draw in air from the room, passing it past the powerful UV-C tubes, killing 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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The Power of UV-C Light

UV-C light is proven to destroy all airborne viruses including COVID-19. Both Products can be used individually in small rooms and in open areas.

Free Standing

Air sterilisers designed for occupied rooms where exposed UV-C light cannot be used. Ideal for classrooms, retail, hospitality, hair dressors and offices. The outer protective cover can also be removed allowing exposure to surfaces.

Wall Mounted

Air passes through the bottom, past the powerful UV-C tubes, pushing purified air through the top. This eliminates harmful microbes from 160 to 200 m3 of air per hour. Can be connected with a plug or directly into a fused switched spur socket.

Large Rooms

Designed for larger rooms up to 100 meters square (300 cubic meters) with smooth air adjustment settings and HEPA H13 filter + carbon filter. Light source lifespan: 9000 hours. UV-C Wave length: 253.7 nm with delay option.

How it works

High energy UV-C light is absorbed into the cellular RNA and DNA, damaging nucleic acids and preventing microorganisms from infecting and reproducing. UV-C is strongly absorbed by RNA and DNA bases leading to photodimerisation.....

UV-C Air Flow

Air flow disinfection.

The process of air disinfection consists in irradiation of the air flowing through the interior of the lamp with UV-C rays. Thanks to stimulated circulation, the air passes through the disinfection chamber, where it is exposed to the light and sterilised, and then pushed out into the room. UV-C rays do not get outside the luminaire, making this product ideally suited to places occupied by many people.

Multiple Sectors

This solution supports multiple sectors. Get in touch with your specific requirements and we shall provide you with the right solution.


Ideal for class/staff rooms and libraries and communal areas.


Provide customers and staff with the confidence you are taking all possible steps.

Care Homes

Essential for communal areas protecting residents, staff and visitors.


Minimise sickness and provide staff with the confidence to work together.


Bringing people together, provide constantly sanitised air to help prevent infection.


Help provide a safe space for your customers by sanitising the air as part of your routine.

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